Road to Nowhere

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In March 2011 anthropologists Alice Street and Jamie Cross walked from Simbai health centre, located in the foothills of the New Guinea Highlands to Aiome district station in the grassy swamp-lands that surrounds Madang Province’s great Ramu River. The path they followed traced the remains of an 30km purpose built road that had been built in the 1990s to connect those living in the mountainous interior to the waterway. Ambulances, cars and tractors had run along this road, carrying patients, produce and government officials. Today the road is an overgrown path strewn with rubble and the rusted carcass of the district’s ambulance lies in the long grass of Aiome health centre. This film explores the material deterioration of health infrastructure in this remote district through the stories of the aid posts, health centres, health workers and patients encountered along what residents now feel was always a road to nowhere.   

What relationships make it possible to
Live off the grid in Papua New Guinea?

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